What is Mindfulness and How Can it Help?

Mindfulness is a practice and a state of being. The practice involves a meditation that refocuses us on the present moment, often focusing on the breath. Mindfulness as a practice can be drawn upon at any moment to provide clarity, grounding, and relief from distressing thoughts and emotions. Like any skill, mindfulness demands practice so that it can be effective in any situation. The practice of mindfulness also includes components of healthy detachment, non-judgment, and observation of the external and internal worlds. Mindfulness originates from Buddhist teachings but has been adapted to therapeutic modalities and has become very mainstream recently. Mindfulness is receiving this attention because recent research has proven that it is effective for mental health and substance abuse disorders as well as a variety of medical conditions.
Some of the proven benefits include reduction in anxiety, depression, cravings, and increased feelings of well-being. MRI research has shown that those who include a regular mindfulness practice in their routine see structural changes in the brain that correspond with improved concentration and executive functioning. We invite residents to join together in a daily mindfulness practice so that they can experience and unlock these powerful benefits for themselves.