Gratitude Recovery is a full service sober living that provides clients with the opportunity to integrate mindfulness and DBT skills into their lives through daily learning and practice.

Nutrition & Transportation

We provide top of the line organic produce and meals. We also provide basic transportation to therapy, appointments, and meetings.


Our mission is to provide a superior quality sober living experience for men and women in early recovery, with a focus on learning and practicing mindfulness.

Amenities and Pricing

Amenities and Pricing: We offer a wide variety of amenities including flat screen TVs in every room, housekeeping services, meals, transportation, mindfulness practice and DBT skills coaching.

Gratitude Recovery Malibu
This is a sober living unlike any other in Los Angeles. You will find experienced and credentialed staff that bring mindfulness practice and DBT skills to life. This makes all the difference in the journey of recovery and guides clients to a more compassionate, serene, and joyful life, focusing on the present moment while building a sustainable future.
Here at Gratitude Recovery Malibu we make mindfulness a daily practice. Starting the day with a guided meditation brings focus and calm to the remainder of the day. Clients can continue on to their work, school, meetings and therapy commitments in a grounded state of mind.
In addition to the focus on mindfulness practice, we bring a unique integration of the Dialectical Behavior Skills (DBT) to our program. Our staff is trained in the four DBT skills modules: Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, Mindfulness, and Interpersonal Effectiveness.
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Mindfulness and DBT skills for a better life in recovery

Part of Your Treatment Team

Our professional staff have years of experience helping people in early recovery move forward in their lives. We assist clients by supporting the implementation of treatment plans, working with a multi-disciplinary team, providing case management services, and providing a safe and caring environment from which to grow.

Roots and Wings

Gratitude Recovery is a calm, nurturing, and supportive environment where people have the opportunity to settle into a structured routine. It is from the base that grounding and the feeling of safety can emerge. Once that happens, our clients begin to expand their awareness about themselves and begin to push to spread their wings.


What others are saying

My experience at Gratitude Recovery has been life-changing. Following a long struggle with alcoholism, treatment centers, and sober livings, I felt despondent after one more relapse. Thank heavens I had the willingness to try again…the world class clinical support I receive at Gratitude amplifies that which I receive at outpatient groups, has allowed me to continue to learn and grow around the clock. Life happens outside of AA and recovery activities – and the team at Gratitude is there every step of the way to support me as I embark on a new life of sobriety, peace, and most of all, gratitude.
-A.S., Client
Gratitude Recovery has been essential to my long term sobriety. I learned how to use the communication and distress tolerance skills more effectively and have found the mindfulness practice to be very helpful as a relapse prevention tool. I have struggled with my addiction for a long time and this house has given me the tools to stay sober! Thank you Gratitude house….
-K.M., Client

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